Where to Stay At The Grand Canyon: Best Hotels And Areas For Every Budget


The Grand Canyon is visited by thousands of locals and tourists every year, and it is pretty obvious to see why. With its dramatic landscapes, magnificent views, and many exciting activities to choose from, this remarkable natural wonder is undoubtedly a must-visit spot for anyone traveling to America.

Even though one can get a glimpse of the Grand Canyon’s beauty in one day, staying there for a few days lets you make the most out of your trip by allowing you the time to experience its beautiful sunrises, its hiking trails, and extraordinary viewpoints.

But how do you decide where to stay at the Grand Canyon? Don’t worry, we have you covered. In this post, we will give a detailed overview of the best lodging options inside and near the Grand Canyon, for all budget levels!

Best Hotels in Grand Canyon – Cut To The Chase

In a hurry and want to book directly? These are the best hotels in the Grand Canyon for all budgets.

First time at the Grand Canyon National Park? A great place to stay in the Grand Canyon for first-timers is near the South Rim. Go directly to the South Rim to view accommodations.

Best Areas To Stay In Grand Canyon

Where to stay at the grand Canyon South Rim

Grand Canyon National Park is divided into 4 major areas: The South Rim, North Rim, Grand Canyon East, and West Grand Canyon. Each area is unique and provides its guests with diverse experiences, we are going to focus on the three main areas to stay at the Grand Canyon plus the nearby villages of Valles, Williams, and Tusayan.

Staying inside the national park is a wonderful experience but it can book up quickly. We recommend booking well in advance as accommodations fill up, especially in the summer months.

Where to Stay in the Grand Canyon – South Rim

The south rim is the best place to stay in the Grand Canyon for first-time visitors. It has some of the most easily accessible viewpoints and is close to restaurants, shops and amenities However, because of its location, you can expect hotel prices to be higher and rooms are not what you’d expect for the cost. Wifi is limited so be prepared to unplug.

1. The South Rim – Grand Canyon Village

Where to stay in the Grand Canyon Village

The South Rim is also a great place to stay in the Grand Canyon to experience many of its top attractions. There are plenty of shops and restaurants and it provides access to the park’s stunning scenery. This part of the park is open all year round. You are also within walking distance to the rim.

Best Hotels in The South Rim

Luxury: El Tovar Hotel

Founded in 1905, the El Tovar Hotel is the flagship of all the Grand Canyon hotels. Made from Oregon pine and local limestone, El Tovar Hotel has seen the likes of Bill Clinton, Paul McCartney, and Oprah Winfrey. This Grand Canyon hotel is a designated National Historic Landmark and is the place to stay for that classic Grand Canyon experience. Because it was built first, it has one of the best views of the Grand Canyon at sunrise and sunset.

Mid-range: Yavapai Lodge

Built-in 1958, Yavapai Lodge is located in a prime location on the South Rim. Its central location gives access to the Bright Angel Trail and Rim Trail. This rustic-looking lodge has recently been renovated with the new air conditioning and modern amenities in the Yavapai Lodge East. Apart from its canyon-side facing rooms, Yavapai also provides its guests with free shuttle bus service and bike rentals.

Mid-Range Thunderbird Lodge

Thunderbird Lodge is a family-oriented lodge that is the perfect option. With its contemporary style cabins and extensive amenities, including a refrigerator, coffee maker, and hair dryers, Thunderbird Lodge is bound to make your stay in the heart of the Grand Canyon unforgettable.

Budget – Bright Angel Lodge

Bright Angel Lodge is another iconic place to stay near the grand canyon that is located at the top of Bright Angel Trail Head. It has a restaurant and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A Registered National Historic Landmark, Bright Angel Lodge offers free parking, free Internet, and a shuttle bus.

VRBO: Family Suite by Bed & Breakfast Grand Canyon

Appreciate nature and enjoy clear access to diners, local stores, and markets with this spacious family suite located only 30 miles away from the South Rim.

Things To Do In The South Rim

Grand Canyon South Rim Hotels

There are three main sections of the South Rim to explore, The Rim Trail, Hermit Road, and Desert View DriveTake a helicopter tour over the Grand CanyonGo for a hike on the South Rim TrailHike the South Kaibab Trail down to the Colorado RiverWander through the Grand Canyon village. From Grand Canyon Village, you can hop on the Hermit Road Shuttle Bus to Hermits RestRead our full article: The Absolute Best Things to do in The Grand Canyon

2. The North Rim

Best Places to stay at the Grand Canyon North Rim

The North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park delivers a unique experience compared to its Southern sister. North Rim has a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, mule rides, and whitewater rafting. So if you are an outdoor lover and looking for adventure, the North Rim is your best bet.

Note that the north rim is closed during the winter, and even when it’s open, accommodations are limited However, with a moderate budget, you can easily find accommodation a cool place to stay on this side of the Grand Canyon.

Best Hotels in the North Rim

Best Grand Canyon Hotels North Rim

Luxury: The Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim

The view from the Grand Canyon Lodge is unmatched and it is the only lodge inside Grand Canyon National Park on the north rim. This country lodge overlooks Bright Angel Creek and the rampant pine trees of the Kaibab Trail.

Its historic dining rooms and spacious cabins with front porch, provide the guests with an unprecedented experience. Since it is one of the few inns on the north side of the canyon, it sells out pretty fast, and therefore, we strongly recommend you book it well in advance.

Budget: Kaibab Lodge

This country-style property can be found about 5 miles off the North Rim and has a history that dates back to the early 1920s. Nestled within dense grassland and forest, it is a serene place to base yourself.

The rooms can vary from single to quad depending on the size of the family, and the hotel also offers takeout and dine-in options throughout the day. However, basic amenities like Wi-Fi, telephone, and TV may not be available here, so take that into consideration before booking.

VRBO: The Spacious 2-Bedroom Navajo Suite  

This homestyle suite by B&B is ideal for guests prepared to scour the North Rim in their comfort. With its two spacious bedrooms, one bath, and a front porch to welcome the morning sun, Navajo Suite promises its guests a comfortable and satisfying experience.

Things to do in the North Rim

Hike the North Kaibab TrailHike the Ken Patrick TrailGrand Canyon North Rim Scenic Drive to the viewpoints of Point Imperial and Cape Royal. Mule ridesNorth Rim Ranger tours

3. West Rim

Where to stay in the Grand Canyon West Rim

Running short on time but still want to make the most out of your trip to Grand Canyon? If yes, then the West Rim is the perfect place for you to visit! Located on a 12.8-mile stretch, the West Rim features heavenly spots like the High Point Hike, Grand Canyon Skywalk, and Colorado River. The best part about West Grand Canyon is how you can explore all of its viewpoints and activities in just a single day!

Best hotels in the West Rim

Best Grand Canyon Hotels West Rim

Luxury: Hualapai Lodge

In the center of Peach Springs, about 175 km from St. George, Hualapai lodge is a lavish hotel. It is the perfect place to base yourself if you are visiting the historic Route 66 and studying the culture of the Hualapai tribe.

Offering its customers comfortable and contemporary rooms alongside a concierge to guide you to the best spots on the West Rim, Hualapai lodge treats its guests like family. It also offers free wireless internet, an onsite restaurant, an outdoor pool, and a spa center, providing high-quality relaxation time after a long day out exploring.

Mid-Range: Cabins At the Grand Canyon West

For everyone returning from the Grand Canyon Skywalk or hiking at the Guano Point, the cabins at Grand Canyon West are the ideal place to unwind and rest over the night. Located on the Hualapai Land near the Skywalk, these rustic cabins accommodate up to six guests and contain all essentials such as a microwave and refrigerator to make your stay pleasant and convenient.

However, the most appealing aspect of these mid-range cabins is the divine view it offers of sunsets and sunrise. With its wooden benches and expansive porch, Grand Canyon West Cabins has some incredible views.

Things to do in the West Rim:

Try the adrenaline-inducing SkywalkRide the sky through the zip lineWitness dramatic terrain and hikes on the Guano PointLearn about Native American culture by visiting Eagle Point

Where to Stay Near the Grand Canyon

Where to stay near the Grand Canyon

You don’t need to stay inside Grand Canyon National Park. There are plenty of options nearby that are easily accessible if you have a car, they offer cheaper accommodation and you get to experience the local communities. So what are some Grand Canyon lodging options nearby? Let’s find out.

Tusayan Hotels Near Grand Canyon National Park

Where to stay in the Grand Canyon Tusayan

Tusayan is a small town situated only 10 minutes away from the Grand Canyon. Its location makes it an ideal spot for people looking for budget hotel rooms and a variety of Grand Canyon lodges and accommodations.

Unlike the hotels found inside the park, the hotels in Tusayan are much more economical. In addition, they have better facilities such as outdoor pools, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and many more. Most importantly, the Grand Canyon Airport is located in Tusayan, and hence the world-famous helicopter tour commences from here. In a nutshell, it is a great place to stay if you are not wanting to be right in the park.

Best Hotels in Tusayan

Where to stay around the Grand Canyon Tusayan Hotels

Luxury: The Grand Hotel

Standing true to its name, The Grand Hotel is the crown jewel of the Grand Canyon. This five-star hotel is located just a mile away from the South Rim and guarantees to cater to every need of its visitors. From an indoor pool, spa, and fitness center to buffet-style meals and lavish rooms, The Grand Hotel is perfect for you if you don’t mind spending heaps of money to enjoy the conveniences and comforts of a fine hotel.  

Mid-Range: Holiday Inn Express

Looking for quality rooms at lower prices? Then you know that the Holiday Inn chain does not disappoint. Set in Tusayan, Holiday Inn Express is a short drive away from the National Park and offers convenient amenities to its guests, including laundry facilities, an indoor gym, spa, and even a Jacuzzi!

The hotel consists of 190 rooms and has been newly renovated. Its rooms are a perfect blend between rustic and contemporary and are extremely comfortable. Holiday Inn Express’s prime location allows visitors to travel to the Grand Canyon National Park, The Historic Villages, and to El Tavor Stables effortlessly.

Budget: Red Feather Lodge

Nestled in a picturesque setting of the Grand Canyon, Red Feather Lodge is a suitable option for travelers on a tight budget. It offers cheap rooms, special services, spectacular views, and easy accessibility to trekking, golf, and horse riding to its guests.

VRBO: Grand Canyon Bungalow

This three-bedroom bungalow comes with a queen bed and a sofa bed. It is a great option for those who want to have a resort experience from their villa. This Grand Canyon bungalow also has a woodland view and comprises a full kitchen, living room, and dining area.

Valle Hotels

Where to stay at the Grand Canyo Valle

The small village of Valle is only a half an hour’s drive away from the Grand Canyon and is an ideal lodging option for overnighters or for those who intend on staying not more than a few days.

Valle also has some cool attractions on its own. The Planes of Flame Air is a cool attraction that exhibits over forty planes, while the Flintstone Bedrock Theme Park is the perfect place to take the kids.

Best Hotels in Valle

Luxury: Under Canvas Grand Canyon

Ready to experience glamping under the stars in luxury? If yes, then be prepared to visit Under Canvas Grand Canyon. Under Canvas Grand Canyon is only about 30 minutes away from the Grand Canyon’s entrance. This resort allows the guests to enjoy majestic glamping with plush beds, on-spot dining, and showers.

Whether on a solo trip or vacationing with your family, Under Canvas makes sure you have a great experience. It may be a little pricey for some visitors, but its attention to detail and beautiful rooms overshadow the price.

Mid-Range: Grand Canyon Inn and Motel

Featuring an exclusive southern-style bar and a restaurant, Grand Canyon Inn and Motel is only a 20-minute drive away from the Grand Canyon National Park gate. Each Southwestern-inspired room of this Valle hotel has complimentary Wi-Fi (which can be spotty at times), free toiletries, and separate tea-making services. So if you don’t intend to spend money on unnecessary facilities, there is nothing better than opting for this Grand Canyon Motel and Inn.

Budget: Wander Camp Grand Canyon

Wander Camp Grand Canyon is a simple glamping housing located about 10 minutes from Valle and 20 minutes from the National Park. If you are searching for a place that provides traditional camping, fascinating sights, and a few solaces from home at ordinary rates, pack your bags and visit Wander Camp.

VRBO: Casa Sublime Private Rental

Experience Northern Grand Canyon never like before at the beautiful Casa Sublime Rental. With the recently refurbished 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, and a full kitchen, spacious deck, and dining area, this 36-acre retreat is what every vacationer needs to enjoy a relaxing time away from home.

Williams Hotels

Where to stay near Grand Canyon Williams

Williams is a small yet significant town huddled within the pines of Arizona. It offers tourists a vast number of pastimes and activities to choose from. Adventure lovers can take advantage of the ground tours of the Grand Canyon Railway, while history fanatics can purchase memorabilia and admire the ancient architecture.

You may find it difficult just deciding on whether to try fishing, hiking, horseback riding, or camping. But, all in all, the archaic town of Williams is a perfect spot for travelers of all types.

Best Hotels in Williams

Luxury: Sheridan House Inn

From the minute you enter Sheridan House Inn, the enveloping pine forest of Arizona will surely start to melt all your tension and stress away.

Located at the height of 7000 feet and just a few paces away from the Historic Route 66, this hotel offers upscale convenience and services. From golfing, skiing and hiking, to tasting local wines and shopping, everyone needs to visit this hotel at least once in their lifetime to devour the true zest of the Grand Canyon.   

Mid-Range: Grand Canyon Railway Hotel

Encounter the feeling of a bygone era at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel. Modeled to match the age-old train station that harbored the initial Fray Marcos Hotel, Grand Canyon Railway Hotel is a calming haven in a charming Western setting.

This 298-room hotel is just a block away from the famous Route 66. Equipped with an assortment of amenities such as free Wi-Fi, a hot tub, an indoor pool, and great dining options at the Grand Depot Café, this hotel is an excellent place to visit before beginning your grandest of excursions.

Budget:  Quality Inn Williams near the Grand Canyon

The Quality Inn Williams is located between the glorious spectacles of Sedona and the national park. This makes this lodging an ideal stop for those on a road trip, and their schedule includes Las Vegas and Nevada.

This recently rebuilt hotel lies near Route 66 and provides access to sightseeing, trekking, and skiing, and that too at super economical prices.

VRBO: Hillside Cottage in the Pines

This hillside cottage comes with two bedrooms and a single bathroom and can house up to six guests. The patio offers endless views, while the kitchenette ensures that the guests’ dietary needs are met.

Where to stay Grand Canyon FAQ

The Grand Canyon is a national park and has an entrance fee. The cost to enter the Grand Canyon is $35 per vehicle or $30 per motorcycle, for a seven-day pass. An annual park pass costs $70.

And these are the best places to stay at the Grand Canyon. Visiting Grand Canyon National Park is a bucket list destination and making sure to stay in the right location to suit your needs can make or break your trip. We hope this guide has given you some insight on what areas to stay near the Grand Canyon to create your trip of a lifetime.


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