Where to stay in Hawaii: Best Places For You By Island


Hawaii is something else. The islands have far surpassed being ‘just a tourist destination’ and have become a dream destination for many travelers. Hawaii’s natural beauty is unrivaled. From the beautiful beaches, dramatic volcanic landscapes, and abundant native animals like sea turtles – it is no wonder you want to visit.

Now you’ve just got to figure out where to stay in Hawaii. The islands are associated with luxury hotels, but there are lots of options to suit different budgets. This guide will take you through the best places to stay in Hawaii.

The best areas to stay in Hawaii

Where to stay in Hawaii Map of Islands

Before we delve into where to stay in Hawaii, let’s take a quick look at the best islands and the general layout of the archipelago.

Hawaii consists of eight major islands. However, only six of these islands can be visited by the public. Niihau and Kahoolawe are referred to as the ‘Forbidden Islands’. While there are certain loopholes to visit, we don’t recommend going to all the extra effort. These two islands have little tourist infrastructure, and you’ll miss out on the Hawaiian holiday experience.

So, which Hawaiian islands should you stay on? We’ve broken them down into a short list below.

Big Island (aka Hawaii Island): Big Island is the largest island in Hawaii. The island is praised for its diversity and is best for tourists who want lots of space to explore and sightsee. Kauai Island: Kauai is nicknamed the ‘Garden Isle’ because of its abundant rainforest. It is generally considered the most beautiful island in Hawaii. It has been used as a filming location for many Hollywood movies. Kauai is best for tourists who want to hike and enjoy natural beauty and attractions. Oahu Island: Oahu is urbanized and metropolitan. The island has lots of cultural activities like museums and galleries. Oahu also has a lively nightlife scene. Oahu is your best choice if you want somewhere to party in Hawaii. Molokai Island: Molokai is the most authentic of Hawaii’s islands. The island is less influenced by tourism and has a large percentage of native Hawaiians permanently residing there. If you want a residential, off-the-beaten-track atmosphere, Molokai is where to stay in Hawaii. Lanai Island: Lanai is the smallest Hawaiian island and the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. Lanai is a private island with just one resort – the Four Seasons Resort Lanai. Needless to say, Lanai attracts a luxury-seeking crowd. Maui Island: Like Lanai, Maui also caters to a luxury crowd. However, Maui is bigger and has many luxury hotels to choose from, which is best if you like varied accommodation choices. Maui is also known for its natural beauty and beautiful valleys.

These six Hawaiian islands are popular tourist destinations, and deservedly so. You may want to go island hopping around Hawaii’s islands. Alternatively, just choose one destination so that you can take the time to explore the whole island.

Either way, you’ll need more detail about each island. Now you’ve got a brief idea of Hawaii’s main islands, let’s take a closer look at each option.

1. Big Island

Where to stay in Hawaii Big Island

Good things come in small packages, but Big Island is an exception. Hawaii Island got its nickname for its size. Just to put things into perspective, all of Hawaii’s islands put together could not outsize the Big Island.

The island isn’t just the biggest, though; it is also the youngest and most volcanically active. Kilauea is Big Island’s extremely active volcano. It is actually responsible for continuing to increase the size of the island with its explosions. So, not only is the Big Island the biggest, it should become even bigger over the next thousands of years.

Big Island has three main residential areas, although resorts and remote properties are dotted all over the island. If you are looking for where to stay on Big Island, Hilo, the Kona Coast, and Kohala Coast are the most popular options.

Where to stay in Hawaii Big Island Map

Hilo is the island’s capital and is the most urbanized place to stay. Kailua-Kona is a major coastal town on the island’s west coast. This west side region is referred to as the Kona Coast and is famous for its beach town atmosphere, greenery, and sandy beaches. Just above the Kona Coast is the third major region, Kohala Coast. Kohala Coast is known for its lovely accommodations, lush rainforest, and waterfalls. It is also a prime whale-watching spot.

Looking for things to do on Big Island? As we’ve said, Big Island is known for its active volcanoes. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the island’s most popular tourist attraction. You can get up close to Kilauea and Thurston Lava Tube – cooled and solidified for visitors to walk through. Not everything is cooled and sedate in the park, though, and Kilauea’s crater still glows with bright red lava. Often, you’ll be able to see live lava flows. Of course, how much activity you see depends on how active Kilauea is feeling, so a bit of luck is needed.

Don’t just explore on land while visiting Big Island. You can also test your luck in the ocean with a manta ray snorkeling experience. The chances of spotting manta rays are extremely high in the Pacific Ocean, especially around Big Island’s shores. You can book special tours to snorkel or dive with the majestic creatures, an experience that’s bound to be memorable. Read more: Big Island Of Hawaii: 15 Best Things To Do

Best Places to stay in Hawaii on the Big Island

Fancy something more historical than adrenaline-inducing? Puako Petroglyph Park is one of the best historic sites in Hawaii. It is ideally located in the central location of Puako – easily accessible on the Kona Coast. The protected archaeological area contains over 3,000 rock etchings spread over 223 acres. Some of the etchings date back to 1200 AD, so you are sure to get your history fix.

Hawaii’s Big Island is full of things to do and see. You can read our complete guide on things to do on Big Island here. The diversity of Big Island is definitely its biggest draw for tourists, and you can explore lots of different landscapes – from rainforests to active volcanoes and stunning beaches. Big Island is an excellent choice if you love adventure and a packed holiday itinerary. Hawaii’s largest island won’t let you down.

Now you’ve got a good understanding of Big Island, let’s look at the best places to stay.

Luxury: Fairmont Orchid

Fairmont Orchid is where to stay in Hawaii if you want heaven on Earth. You can never go wrong with a Fairmont if your budget allows. The five-star hotel sits on the oceanfront of the Kohala Coast with 32 private acres of facilities and landscaped gardens. Guests receive access to a heated outdoor pool, ten tennis courts, numerous hotel waterfalls, and a golf course. If you are visiting Hawaii on a budget, don’t despair. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Mid-range: Waikoloa Beach Marriot Resort

Waikoloa Beach Marriot Resort is a top-tier mid-range hotel. The property features an outdoor infinity pool overlooking Anaeho’omalu Bay. There is a fitness center, business center, and spa. Waikoloa Beach Marriot Resort has a tropical vibe, and the outdoor pools overlook the Pacific Ocean. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Budget: Big Island Hostel

If you are visiting Hawaii on a budget, don’t despair. Big Island Hostel is a fantastic budget-friendly choice and ideally suited to solo travelers. The brightly colored hostel features a mix of dormitory and private rooms. You can access a fully furnished shared kitchen, a shared lounge, and free wi-fi. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

VRBO: North Shore Condo on Black Sand Beach

This rental is the coolest place to stay on Big Island. Situated right on the shore of Honolii Black Sand Beach, this vacation rental is the ultimate memorable stay in Hawaii.

The unique space features an exterior spiral staircase to a roof terrace and observation deck. You can enjoy home-cooked meals al fresco with the surfers to keep you entertained. See it on VRBO

2. Kauai Island

Where to stay in Hawaii Kauai

Kauai Island is the Aphrodite of Hawaii’s most popular islands. The ‘Garden Isle’ is a haven for nature lovers and hikers, with many untouched landscapes that you can only access on foot. If you want a tropical getaway, Kauai is where to stay in Hawaii. Walking through lush rainforests and hiking up valleys and mountains covered in greenery, Kauai feels like a scene out of Jurassic Park – just without the dinosaurs. Check out: 16 Beautiful and Best Hikes in Kauai, Hawaii

Interestingly, Jurassic Park was actually filmed on Kauai Island. You may also recognize Kauai from Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, Lord of the Flies, and Fast and Furious scenes. The island has an otherworldly appeal, which Hollywood certainly picked up on long ago.

Where to stay in Hawaii Kauai Map

Kauai Island is the fourth largest island in Hawaii. When you aren’t chasing movie scenes, there are lots of different areas to visit. However, your main choice is whether you head north or south. Kauai’s North Shore is surrounded by Halelea Forest Reserve and Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park. It is bursting with greenery and has a more secluded appeal. If you choose the North Shore, Princeville and Kalihiwai are the most popular towns.

Kauai’s South Shore is a little more urbanized and is home to some of the island’s most stunning beaches. Poipu Beach is located on the South Shore and is the perfect spot for beach bums. The South Shore has many easily accessed attractions, including Allerton Garden – Kauai’s tropical gardens. If beaches are top of your to-do list on Kauai, we recommend staying on the South Shore, which experiences less rain than the North.

So, what are the best things to do in Kauai? It goes without saying that Na Pali Coast State Park should be at the top of your list. The park contains famous rainforest-covered cliffs, which you can admire from viewpoints accessible on foot. You should allow at least half a day to hike the Kalalau Trail through Na Pali Coast State Park. You can even camp overnight to enjoy an extra adventurous multi-day excursion.

You can also admire Na Pali Coast State Park from the air and water. Consider splurging on a helicopter tour if you’d prefer an aerial view and to save the walk. Alternatively, a boat tour along the coast usually includes a snorkeling experience, and you’ve got a high chance of spotting dolphins on your way. Read more: 23 Of The Best Things to do in Kauai

Places to stay in Kauai Waimea Canyon

Another spot of natural beauty is Wailua Falls. The 173-foot waterfall cascades over a cliff face and into a plunge pool surrounded by rainforest. The walk is only a third of a mile but be prepared for a bit of scrambling. Hiking to Wailua Falls is a perfect, relatively short adventure that you can easily squeeze into half a day. If you feel brave, you can go for a dip in the plunge pool, so have your swimming clothes ready.

The final natural attraction that you should visit on Kauai is Waimea Canyon. Again, you’ll need to hike to reach the best viewpoint. However, the three-mile Waimea Canyon Trail only takes two to three hours to complete, and it is well worth the effort. Waimea Canyon is an impressive burned red color, and the canyon is around ten miles long and 3000 feet deep. It is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching attractions on the island.

When you aren’t hiking to all of Kauai’s wonderful things to do and see, there are plenty of beautiful beaches for you to relax on. Poipu Beach is one of the most popular, and if you are lucky, you’ll spot some of the resident sea turtles and monk seals. It is one of the best beaches to visit in the US for nature lovers.

If you love nature, hiking, and stunning scenery, Kauai is where to stay in Hawaii. Kauai is a fantastic place to stay in Hawaii to connect with the natural world and unplug from chaotic city and suburban life.

Now that you’ve been introduced to Kauai properly let’s look at the best places to stay on the island.

Luxury: Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa is a stunning place to stay in Hawaii. The hotel is full of natural features within its natural gardens – from wooden furnishings to natural lighting in rooms and a lagoon-style outdoor swimming pool. The outdoor pool is open 24 hours a day, so you can go stargazing from the pool at night. The property houses several restaurants, a spa, and a quiet adult area. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Luxury: Koloa Landing Resort

Koloa Landing Resort is one of the most eye-catching places to stay in Hawaii. From its torch-lit walkways to its on-site spa, this resort is somewhere to relax and unwind. Jump in the hot tub, work up a sweat in the fitness center, or use the concierge services to plan a day in Kauai. Located a 15-minute walk from Poipu Beach, it is also close to plenty of shopping and dining. Studios have kitchenettes, washers and dryers and its pool was voted as one of the top 5 in Hawaii. Booking.com / TripAdvisor


Kauai Shores Hotel is value for money. This hotel combines retro chic with simple, clean, and affordable located right on the Pacific Ocean. The basic two-story hotel is comfortable with basic king bedrooms and a private balcony. Enjoy the on-site pool while being steps from shops, restaurants, and the beach. It’s easy to get out and explore with their complimentary bike amenity. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Budget: The Kauai Inn

The Kauai Inn is where to stay in Hawaii on a budget. Not only are the rates cheap and cheerful, but each room also comes with a fridge and microwave. These facilities are excellent for making food last and limiting the costs of eating out. Kauai Inn also has an outdoor swimming pool and gorgeous views of the Hula’eia Mountains. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

VRBO: Beautiful Oceanfront Condo

This condo is a dreamy place to stay in Hawaii. Guests can enjoy a private balcony overlooking Wailua Beach. The condo is a great base to access Kauai’s gold coast.

When you want downtime, you can make use of high-speed free wi-fi – perfect for catching up with family or quickly performing work duties. Check it out on VRBO

3. Lanai Island

Where to stay in Hawaii Lanai

Lanai is the smallest Hawaiian island, and 98% of it is privately owned by Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle. This means that Lanai stays relatively quiet, and off-season, the island gets quieter still.

Lanai has an exclusive, luxurious atmosphere. This island is an excellent candidate for those planning a high-end getaway or romantic holiday. Lanai is extremely popular as a honeymoon destination, and the resort organizes a number of special excursions and experiences. Some couples take the romance one step further and get married on Lanai – which the most romantic amongst you may wish to consider for the future.

Of course, Lanai isn’t just limited to couples. Solo travelers, friends, and families will love the exclusive, isolated feel of the island. With the special excursions, there is more chance to experience the island in private groups and engage one-on-one with guides. Lanai is where to stay in Hawaii for an intimate and serene introduction to island life.

When it comes to things to do, where you choose to stay impacts your options a lot. For example, Four Seasons Resort has tons of resort activities, including world-class golf courses and cultural experiences like guided hikes and Hawaiian musical performances. However, Lanai has lots of activities of its own as well.

Garden of the Gods is our favorite natural attraction in Lanai. The protected area is also known as Keahiakawelo, a desert landscape popular for its lunar, otherworldly aesthetic. The rock garden in Garden of the Gods is the most impressive area. We recommend looking into car rental companies(make sure they are 4WD and preferably jeeps) or guided tours.

The adventurous of you should also consider going horseback riding. Four Seasons Resort has its own stables, so guests can drop by for a visit or book a riding experience. Beginners can enjoy a gentle plod through Lanai’s rugged and windswept scenery. Experienced riders can enjoy a faster-paced experience, often with the choice to ride on one of Lanai’s beautiful beaches. Read more: Things to do in Lanai, Hawaii

Places to stay in Lanai near beaches

Fancy heading off the land and into the Pacific Ocean? Lanai has plenty of activities to experience underwater. The Lanai Cathedrals are special lava tubes and the most popular diving spot around the island. The tubes have pockmarked holes where light from above shines through to create an effect compared to sunlight streaming through stained glass windows in a cathedral. If you have your PADI, consider booking a dive tour to Lanai Cathedrals.

Lanai is a beautiful island. For those that want that exclusive Hawaiian experience, Lanai is where to stay in Hawaii. It is the most accessible private island compared to Hawaii’s other seven islands. And, as it’s privatized, Lanai has a quieter, more luxurious feel.

While accommodation choice in Lanai is quite limited, there are still some different options to explore. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Luxury: Four Seasons Resort Lanai

Four Seasons Resort Lanai is where to stay in Hawaii if you want to splash out. The five-star resort is second to none and pretty much owns the entire island. You can relax in your ocean-view suite, visit the resort’s stables, organize a private tour with concierge services, or enjoy the tennis courts and outdoor pools. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

For something a little different, we also stayed at the Sensei Lanai Resort nestled in the forest of Central Lanai. The wellness retreat is an adults-only resort where you can unwind and disconnect. See more on TripAdvisor

Mid-range: Hotel Lanai

Hotel Lanai is a landmark property in a restored 1923-built plantation home. Located in the heart of Lanai City, it was completely restored in 2018. We stayed here before its restoration and found it to be a great central location. Each spacious room comes with traditional Hawaiian furnishings, and the property has a light, airy decor. If you want a comfortable mid-range accommodation option in Lanai, Hotel Lanai is an excellent option. Compare prices and read reviews on TripAdvisor

Budget: Dreams Come True on Lanai

Dreams Come True on Lanai is a laidback B&B perfect for those on a budget. The guest kitchen will help guests save money on eating out, and the communal garden is a wonderful place to dine al fresco. You won’t find better value for money in Lanai. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

VRBO: Holiday Home in Central Lanai

Staying at this holiday home is an elegant way to experience Lanai. Forget luxury hotels; this traditional plantation-style home has spacious rooms and ample outdoor seating, and it’s all yours. The property includes free parking and is a great base to explore Lanai without staying at a resort. See more on VRBO

4. Oahu Island

Where to stay in Hawaii Oahu

Oahu is metropolitan and urbanized. Unlike the other islands, it feels more populated and there’s more infrastructure all over the island, except in some specially protected areas. Oahu attracts thousands of tourists and has the most permanent residents in Hawaii. If you want to be in the heart of all the action, Oahu is where to stay in Hawaii.

Oahu’s southeast coast is the most urbanized and is home to Hawaii’s state capital, Honolulu. Honolulu might be small compared to other US cities, but the city has that glitzy coastal aesthetic. In pictures, Honolulu could almost pass as a tiny Miami. Waikiki Beach curves in front of densely packed skyscrapers, which overlook the beachgoers and catamarans lined along the golden sand.

Oahu’s urbanized layout gives you even more choices for neighborhoods and places to stay. So how do you decide? First, determine if you want to stay in Honolulu itself.

Where to stay in Hawaii Oahu Map

If you don’t mind being on the outskirts, Diamond Head is Honolulu’s most scenic place to stay. Diamond Head is the furthest neighborhood from the CBD. It is famous for its volcanic crater – tucked neatly in amongst luxury hotels and residential homes. The famous Waikiki Beach is also on the outskirts of Honolulu, and Waikiki is by far the most popular neighborhood. Staying in Waikiki is ideal if you want a sandy beach on your doorstep for an easygoing beach vacation. If you prefer cultural attractions to beach days, though, you may wish to consider staying in the CBD instead. The CBD overlooks the harbor, and you’ll get a real city experience – surrounded by museums and galleries.

If you don’t want to stay in Honolulu, consider heading to the North Shore. Oahu’s North Shore has world-class surfing and laidback surfer towns where you can embrace the Hawaiian beach culture. Backpackers and families will also appreciate the slower pace of life and friendly atmosphere.

Oahu Island might be a top partying destination but don’t for a second believe that partying is all Oahu has to offer. Oahu is fast-paced and packed with things to do and see. These are our top recommendations on things to do in Oahu.

Places to stay in Hawaii Oahu beachfront

First off, get yourself a surfing lesson. Oahu isn’t considered the best island for surfing for no good reason. Surfers travel from all over the world to catch waves and develop their skills in Oahu, so join the crowd and rent a board. You can find plenty of surf schools and rental shops on the island. Oahu has some of the best beaches for surfing in the world – make the most of your beach vacation.

After enjoying the lighthearted side of Oahu, dedicate some time to learning about the island’s history. Oahu was tragically impacted in WWII by the Pearl Harbor bombings. The island has lots of memorials and museums for you to learn more about the disaster. You can spend a day wandering the different attractions self-guided or purchase a guided tour like this one.

Best Hikes in Oahu

Our final suggestion is hiking up Diamond Head Crater. As we mentioned, Diamond Head Crater is located in an exclusive suburb in outer Honolulu. The crater trailhead is accessible from the CBD, and you can easily visit in half a day. The Diamond Head summit hike takes approximately 45 minutes one way and, while steep, is definitely worth it for the views.

Oahu is a fantastic place to visit and is the best island for surfing enthusiasts and city lovers visiting Hawaii. Lots of international flights fly directly to Oahu, and it is an easy, entertaining, and beautiful place to stay in Hawaii.

Now that you’ve been thoroughly introduced to Oahu, let’s look at the best places to stay on the island.

Luxury: The Kahala Hotel & Resort

The Kahala Hotel & Resort is a beautiful five-star property in Oahu on Kahala Beach. Guests can unwind in style with a luxury spa featuring a hot tub, steam room, and expert beauty technicians and massage therapists on-hand.

In the morning, you can head straight to the resort’s private beach or head out to explore Oahu. Kahala Hotel even offers complimentary shuttles to popular destinations including Ala Moana Shopping Centre. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Mid-range: Embassy Suites by Hilton Waikiki Beach

Embassy Suites by Hilton Waikiki Beach is situated right between Waikiki Beach and the busy strip of Kalakaua Avenue. The property is an ideal base to explore Honolulu and the lively neighborhood of Waikiki. Guests can also let their hair down at the hotel, with a sundeck swimming pool and bar. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Budget: The Beach Waikiki Hostel by ALOH

Not many hostels are as cute and tastefully decorated as The Beach Waikiki Boutique Hostel. The Beach Waikiki Hostel is the perfect budget-friendly place to stay in Oahu. Located just a block away from Waikiki Beach, guests have a shared kitchen, lounge, and private parking area. You can choose between dormitory, single, double, and family rooms. Some rooms feature their own microwave and fridge for extra privacy and comfort. Surfboards and snorkeling equipment are available for rental. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

VRBO: Deluxe Oceanfront Condo

This condo is ideally situated on the Waikiki beachfront. In fact, you can jump straight out of bed and onto your private balcony for views of the beach. The bedroom is the most impressive room in the condo. It features sliding patio doors to create an open-plan balcony effect.

This is the best rental in Oahu if you want to experience the Hawaiian beach lifestyle. See it and more apartment rentals on VRBO

5. Maui Island

Where to stay in Hawaii Maui

Maui Island has the nickname the ‘Valley Isle’ and is famed for its beautiful low landscape situated between two volcanoes. The volcano Haleakala still sits in the center of the island as its tallest peak. On Maui you find gorgeous beaches, hidden waterfalls, and a dramatic national park to explore.

Maui’s beauty is widely recognized and definitely no secret. However, the island is also seen as somewhat of a package deal – with lots of incredible attributes to entice visitors apart from its stunning, natural looks. Conde Nast has voted Maui as the ‘Best Island in the US’ for an impressive 20 years in a row. And, for first-time visitors to Hawaii, Maui usually gets the top recommendation. If you are heading to Hawaii, chances are you will visit Maui at some point.

As the second largest island in Hawaii, Maui has a lot of different neighborhoods to consider. Let’s split the island into quarters: Upcountry Maui, West Maui, East Maui, and South Maui. Read more: 26 Best Things to do in Maui

Where to stay in Hawaii Maui Map

South Maui is the most popular, thanks to its central location and lots of direct beach access. If you want a relaxed holiday on Maui with gorgeous beaches on your doorstep, South Maui is where to stay in Hawaii. West Maui is a little more remote and full of golf courses and nature reserves. West Maui is best if you don’t mind using rental cars abroad and want a more secluded experience. 

East Maui is similarly remote and surrounded by nature. Most people just road trip this region, so you’ll benefit from a longer experience. If you stay in this area, you’ll be backed by forest reserves, and most people stay along the Road to Hana. Finally, Upcountry Maui is the most off-the-beaten-track place to stay on Maui. Upcountry is in the center of the island. It is excellent for those on a budget or looking for a homestay-style experience.

Places to stay in Maui Luxury

So, now you understand Maui’s layout better, what are the best things to do on the island? Driving the Road to Hana is definitely number one on our recommendations, as the road trip incorporates multiple different stop-offs, viewpoints, and experiences. The route is 65 miles long, so allow a full day to complete this activity. Make sure to stop at Honokalani Beach (a striking black sand beach), Upper Waikani Falls, and Hana Lava Tube. Read more: The Best Stops on the Road to Hana, Maui

After a long drive, you’ll probably need to stretch your legs. Hiking to Haleakala Crater is one of the best things to do on the island, especially if you’ve not seen a volcano up close before. The hike up the volcano takes around two hours, so you’ll need at least half a day to complete a return summit hike. If you are feeling extra inspired, consider hiking to catch the sunrise at the crater top. Just remember to pack a head torch and warm clothes. Read more: Top 12 Hikes in Maui to Take your Breath Away

Where to stay in Maui Upcountry

Even if you don’t stay in central Maui, it is worth paying the region a visit. Upcountry, you can visit Maui Coffee Roasters to discover the process behind the island’s very own coffee bean. You can also go wine tasting at Ulupalakua Vineyard. Surely it doesn’t get much better than sampling wine and coffee in the middle of a Hawaiian island.

For more inspiration, you can read our complete guide on things to do in Maui here. Maui is one of Hawaii’s most popular islands and an excellent choice for first-time visitors. Maui is where to stay in Hawaii if you want a solid introduction to Hawaiian life and a reliable tourist destination.

So, where will you stay in Maui? Let’s take a look at the best accommodation options on the island.

Luxury: The Ritz-Carlton Maui

The Ritz-Carlton is gorgeous. The property is a statement, to say the least, sitting on 52 acres and featuring an outdoor pool with sweeping ocean views and well-landscaped gardens.

Guests can enjoy hundreds of facilities and activities, including stand-up paddle boarding and whale watching. Inside, the five-star property is just as impressive, and every guest room features a marble bathroom. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Mid-range: Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa

Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa is set on 23 acres of lush waterfront property. Guests can drink and dine al fresco on the resort sun terrace, which is suspended above its sands.

Sheraton isn’t short on facilities either. The four-star resort has a fitness center, a beautiful pool, and three tennis courts. The main benefit of resort holidays is the activities, and you can join in several organized activities like scuba diving and hula dancing lessons. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

Budget: Aloha Surf Hostel

Aloha Surf Hostel is a ‘no nonsense’ hostel with a lot of personality. The hostel has a surfer chic atmosphere and decor, and the property looks somewhat like a luxurious beach shack. If you want to join the surfing community in Maui, Aloha Surf Hostel is a great budget-friendly choice. Compare prices and read reviews on TripAdvisor

VRBO: Oceanfront Condo with Pool Access

This cozy condo is part of the Ma’alaea Banyans Resort. Guests receive access to an outdoor swimming pool and spa, although you are only meters away from the beach if you want a dip in the ocean.

From your private balcony, you can often spot migrating whales as well. This vacation rental is easily one of the best places to stay in Maui. See more on VRBO

Read our full breakdown and guide of Where to Stay in Maui: Best Hotels, Condos & Vacation Rentals by Area

6. Molokai Island

Where to stay in Hawaii Molokai

Molokai is more often flown over than visited. But if you are wondering where to stay in Hawaii for an authentic experience, Molokai is your best option. The island is primarily residential, and you won’t find the in-your-face commercial tourism the other islands offer.

Because Molokai Island isn’t set up for commercial tourism, don’t choose the island if you want a typical resort holiday. And while residents and local officials are welcoming, mainstream tourism isn’t seen as desirable. If you visit Molokai, consider participating in a volunteering program or cultural exchange. Molokai Land Trust is one of the most popular charities to volunteer for and aims to promote and maintain traditional Hawaiian land management and protection. You can volunteer as much or as little as you want. You can always spend half a day helping out, relaxing, and sightseeing Molokai for the rest of your trip.

Where to stay in Hawaii Molokai Map

Choosing where to stay on Molokai Island is pretty straightforward. The island’s west side has the most gorgeous beaches and many vacation rental properties. The island’s east side is lined with dramatic, green sea cliffs. Central Molokai is much more of a community, with shops and socializing opportunities.

Once you’ve thought about where you want to stay in Molokai, what is there to do? Molokai has many things to do and is particularly blessed with natural attractions. Kalaupapa National Historical Park is one of the best places to visit. The park is accessible by a 3.5-mile trail and has stunning views of the green cliff coastline. Kalaupapa is also a sad place, though, and the park was home to colonies of people suffering from leprosy. You can learn more about the park’s tragic history on your visit.

Places to stay in Hawaii Molokai

If you love hiking, some of the best places to see in Molokai involve walking a scenic hiking trail. Moa’ula Falls and Halawa Valley are someone of the most beautiful places to hike, and we recommend booking a cultural walking tour. Halawa is thought by many to be the oldest Hawaiian settlement, and the few families that remain residing here still lead a traditional lifestyle, living off the land. Halawa is not just beautiful but also a profound cultural location experience.

Last but not least, you can’t leave Molokai without sending a funky souvenir home. Forget a postcard; you can send a painted coconut from Molokai’s post office. You can purchase a ready-decorated coconut or get involved in the creative process and decorate it yourself. If you want fun things to do, posting a coconut has got to be one of the most unique options out there.

Hawaii is full of fascinating traditions and quirky things to do and see. You can learn some fun facts about Hawaii in our existing article here. Molokai is definitely where to stay in Hawaii to get an authentic introduction to Hawaii, its culture, traditions, and history. If you don’t mind a less touristy, slow-paced holiday experience, Molokai is where to stay in Hawaii.

Let’s take a look at the best accommodation options on the island.

Luxury: Molokai Island Oasis

As you may have guessed, Molokai isn’t one for five-star resorts and flashy hotels. However, privately owned Molokai Island Oasis is a little slice of luxury.

Guests have exclusive access to the beachfront apartment – with all the space and amenities to settle in like you would at home. The property even has a private pool. If you want luxury in Molokai, this is one of your best options. Booking.com

Mid-range: Pu’U O Hoku Ranch

Fancy an authentic experience but don’t quite want to try a homestay? Pu’U O Hoku Ranch is a fantastic mid-range accommodation choice.

The property is a bio-dynamic and organic ranch, farm, and retreat. You’ll have spacious private cottages and a hotel experience – just with the chance to get closer to traditional Hawaiian culture. Enjoy the privacy of your cottage while the working farm and ranch unravel around you. Compare prices and read reviews on TripAdvisor

Budget: Hotel Molokai

Hotel Molokai is a relaxing and budget-friendly place to stay on Molokai. The hotel is situated along the oceanfront and is designed in traditional Polynesian style. You can pass your days away swinging in the hammock or going for a dip in the pool while listening to the crashing waves.

Each guestroom has a microwave, fridge, and coffee machine, which is great for saving money. There is also free wi-fi and parking available. Booking.com / TripAdvisor

VRBO: Ultimate Oceanfront Penthouse

Did someone say luxury? This property is tastefully decorated and has an outdoor pool, BBQ facilities, and a fantastic location. If you want somewhere lovely to stay in Molokai, consider booking this two-bedroom penthouse. The private balcony with ocean views is the cherry on top. See rates and availability on VRBO

To Conclude

Hawaii’s islands are stunning; there’s no denying it. Choosing where to stay in Hawaii is a lot of fun – there are just so many incredible options. The diversity, natural beauty, hiking opportunities, and photogenic natural attractions make Hawaii one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the world.

Wherever you choose to stay in Hawaii, we hope that you enjoy your trip.

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